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About us

Viet Ha is a independent and entrepreneurial company that supports its customers in sourcing furniture from Vietnam. Based in Amsterdam and Ho Chi Minh City it focusses on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Our services

Together with our customers we identify potential suppliers in Vietnam and help selecting the best party for a tailored solution to their individual requirements.

With its large skilled workforce, Vietnam offers qualitative furniture for very attractive prices. A large pool of capable factories of different sizes, allows us to source both large and small order quantities.

Project Management
Anyone that has done business outside Europe, has likely experienced that cultural differences and language barriers can have large impact on a cooperation and on projects.

Being originally Vietnamese, we are able to bridge these differences and minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Quality Control
We work with experienced, independent quality inspectors and we provide detailed inspection reports.

We make sure the products arrive in the way our customers want them to.

Sourcing in Seven Days

To optimally address our customers needs, we work according to our “Sourcing in Seven days” method.

Requirements definition
We will visit you at your office to have a detailed understanding of your requirements. We will align with you on product design, quality requirements, order quantities and of course the time planning.

Tuesday: Supplier selection and sample checking
We will be in Vietnam, identifying a selection of potential suppliers and initiating a tendering process based on which we recommend you the preferred supplier. We will ask them to make samples based on your specification which we will evaluate.

Obviously, you are most welcome to join us and we encourage you to do so.

Wednesday: Order placement
We will be at your office to support you in the ordering process. We will follow-up your order and make sure the order is managed according to the agreements.

Thursday: Quality control
We are at the factory in Vietnam to check every step of the production process.

Friday: Quality evaluation
We will be at your office to evaluate the inspection reports. In the unlikely case there are any changes required, we will make sure they are implemented before your products are shipped.

Saturday: Inspection of loading
We are present in Vietnam when your products are being loaded. We make sure no mistakes are made during this process, and the products will be shipped according to the defined specifications.

Sunday: Arrival of your shipment
We take a day of well deserved rest, or we will join you at your location where your products will arrive to celebrate another successful shipment.


European office:
Veerstraat 44
The Netherlands
Phone: +31.650.859.209

Vietnamese office:
393 Huynh Van Banh
Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84.909.211.962


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